Equipment Supply

EFS goal is to become the premier electro-mechanical equipment supplier in Qatar. We have a very thorough understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients, be it owners, contractors or consultants.
Because of the very demanding applications in Qatar and the entire Gulf Region, we have chosen to only represent the highest quality manufacturers from around the world. Almost all the products that we handle come from North America and Europe. These products include:

  • Pumps – End suction, horizontal split case, vertical multi-stage, vertical inline, vertical turbine, submersible deepwell, vertical column sump, submersible sewage, grinder, sump & drainage, self-priming, all kinds of packaged pump stations
  • Valves – Butterfly, non-return, control
  • Heat Exchangers – Plate, shell and tube
  • Tanks – ASME and non-ASME code expansion, blow off, hot water storage
  • HVAC Accessories – Suction diffusers, triple duty valves, air separators, balancing valves, flexible connectors
  • Treatment Plants – Water and wastewater for domestic and industrial applications, grey water, odor control
  • Mixers – Portable, top entry, side entry, inline
  • Strainers -  Y-type, basket (simplex & duplex), Tee type, self-cleaning

In addition to the above products, we are able to source a variety of other equipment upon  request. We are able to do so because of our vast array of industry contacts and through the assistance of our sister companies.