Municipal – Water & Wastewater

This market segment is mostly controlled by the public sector, with minor applications owned by the private sector such as district cooling plants. This segment is defined by the generation and distribution of clean water as well as collection and treatment of wastewater.

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It also covers irrigation applications such as golf courses, public parks, sports stadiums, etc… Here are the applications in this market segment with the equipment offered by EFS:

  • Raw Water Intake – Various types of pumps and packaged pump stations
  • Water Treatment – All kinds of pumps
  • Water Distribution – Pumps, control valves
  • Irrigation – Various types of pumps and packaged pump stations, control valves, pressure vessels
  • Wastewater Collection – Grinder pumps, sump & drainage pumps, sewage pumps, complete packaged lift stations
  • Wastewater Treatment – Various types of pumps, valves, penstocks, mixers, automatic screens, strainers, chemical dosing, aerators, clarifiers, sludge thickeners, filters, packaged treatment plants (steel and fiberglass), gray water systems, blowers
  • Other – Control panels and overhead cranes for all above applications