EFS offers complete fire pump solutions for the Qatari market. We offer pumping solutions with UL/FM equipment and installations according to NFPA20. Our scope includes traditional electric/diesel/jockey pump combination where

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equipment is assembled at site (with valves, sensors, pipes, etc…) to complete the pump station installation.
We also offer complete pre-assembled fire pump stations tested at the factory before shipment to job site. This means all equipment including electric driven pump, diesel driven pump, jockey pump, controllers, valves, sensors, piping all pre-assembled on one skid according to NFPA20, and tested to design conditions before shipment. This has many benefits to the consultant, contractor and end user:

  • Very tight quality control procedures in a controlled factory environment for the entire pump station. This assures most streamlined design and highest efficiency system.
  • Adherence to NFPA20 installation requirements for the entire pump station. This is not always possible when assembled at site.
  • Single source responsibility for all the components on the pump station.
  • One warranty for the entire pump station.
  • Very short delivery time/completion time for the entire station. No surprises with equipment failures, late deliveries or integration. This assures timely project completion.
  • The entire pump station can be laid out during design stage to fit the exact room layout. This not only saves space in the pump but the contractor knows exactly what he is getting allowing him to pour the concrete slab and run the piping before delivery.
  • System will be tested at the factory to specific design criteria. No surprises of non-conformance during start-up and commissioning.
  • One source for trouble shooting and technical support.